" Hallelujah! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! "

About Us

Dear brother in Christ,

All glory to father, Son and Holy Ghost Man consist of body, life and soul. The spirit, the water and blood cleans all sins. (I John 5:8). God created man in his image and crowned him with glory and honor (Ps:8:5).

God created Eve and gave Adam as a partner in Aden- God had continuous fellowship with them. He prohibited Adam and Eve from eating the fruits of the tree of knowledge and true of life.

But the Satan tempted Eve and Adam to eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge and they were ousted from the garden of Aden. Later man began to create idols and worship then.

But God’s kindness towards man was great. He planned to save mankind from Satan. So he called Abraham and created a Israelites as a separate caste for himself. God’s covenants to Israel to worship God. But the Jews failed to follow God’s covenants. Then God sent his own son Jesus Christ to save the Jews and the hole mankind. Jesus Christ through his death on the cross saved the whole mankind.

When we confess with our mouth that Lord Jesus died for our sins we will be saved (Rom 10:9)

  • Repent ye therefore and be converted (Acts: 3:10)

  • When you are baptized you have put on Christ (Gal 3:27)

  • We should receive the Holy Ghost in our hearts.

  • We should take part in the Holy communion and become partners in the death of Christ.

    Those who receive Christ as saviour become the son of God. They are the bride of Jesus Christ. The children of God is covered with the grace of God. The lamp that burns in us is the God’s spirit.

    Even though we live in the earth we belong to heaven. We are made kings, priests and God’s own people. Satan will always try to defeat us but we have to face him with the armour of God.

  • We have to abide by all rules of God that is written in the Bible.

  • We should lead a holy life to meet God in his second coming.

  • We should preach gospel, pray always and lead a holy life.

There are the basic principles of “Bethel Church”.